Accidental Insurance

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Personal Accident Policy

We Cover

Physical loss to an individual due to an accidental injury ( including fatal)

Who can be Insured ?

Any individual or group of individuals ( through employer, association, and institution etc) aged between 12 and 70. Subject to medical examination at 70, a person can be covered up to 80.

Insured against what risk ?

Death or disablement from accidental bodily injury ( anywhere in the world).

What will Policy Pay ?

When an accidental injury being the sole and direct cause results ( during the period of insurance) in:

Death 100 % of Sum Insured
Permanent Total Disablement 100 % of Sum Insured
Loss of two limbs/ Two eyes or one limb and one eye 100 % of Sum Insured
Loss of one limb or one eye 50 % of Sum Insured
Permanent Partial Disablement Varying % of Sum Insured as per policy
Temporary Total Disablement 1 % of Capital Sum Insured per week , Subject to a maximum of Rs 3000 per week, for a maximum period of 100 weeks

On payment of extra premium, medical expenses incurred up to 25 % of claim or 10 % of Sum Insured can be covered.

Policy also pays for education fund for dependant children (2) of deceased insured and expenses of carriage of dead body of insured from accident site ( as per details in policy)

Attractive cumulative bonus at the time of renewal, by way of increasing the Sum Insured by 5 % for each completed claim free year of insurance ( maximum of 50 % CSI ) without collecting extra premium as per policy.

What will policy not pay ?

  • Compensation under more than one clause for same period of disability not exceeding capital sum insured
  • Any payment after admission of a claim for 50 % / 100 % of Capital Sum Insured
  • Any claim in the same period of insurance exceeding the Capital Sum Insured
  • Suicide, attempt there at, VD, criminal breach of law,accidental death/injury under influence of liquor/drugs
  • Pregnancy related claim
  • War and nuclear perils


Particulars of cover, liability and exclusion given above are not complete or exhaustive.

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