Two Wheeler Insurance

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Two Wheeler Insurance

Let’s get you started on your two wheeler insurance journey!

Bike insurance, also known as two wheeler insurance policy is an agreement between a bike owner and a bike insurance provider where the insurer covers the cost of damages to the bike, third-party or in some cases even the bike owner. It essentially protects the bike owner financially on occurrence of any unforeseen accident such as accident, theft or natural disaster. What’s observed is that with the increase of bikes and other types of two wheelers on the road, the probability of an accident also increases, click for steps on how to file an accident claim on your two-wheeler . This is precisely why it's so crucial to own a good bike insurance policy.

While you may wonder, what are the different kinds of bike insurance policies and which one will best suit your needs. Let’s understand each of them briefly; one is the third party bike insurance which covers legal liabilities caused to any third-party or third-party property damage. This means the two-wheeler insurance policy will compensate for the damages caused by your bike to a third-party person or property. As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, motorcycles plying on roads must be covered at least by a basic third-party insurance policy.

Secondly, if you are looking for complete protection for your bike, yourself and third-party then in that case you should opt for comprehensive bike insurance policy. This two wheeler insurance provides financial protection against accidents, natural disasters such as storm, cyclone, fire and man-made causes such as riots, acts of terrorism, vandalism etc. along with any liability to third-party. This helps keep your bike safe from damages so that even scratches on the bike need not become an added expense for you. Tata AIG offers quick and easy-to-buy comprehensive, stand alone own damage, and third-party online bike insurance policies crafted to keep your bike safe and you free from stress!

When you buy online bike insurance, you can choose from all the different types of bike insurance plans based on your requirement. Also, there are 7 add-ons to top up your comprehensive bike insurance policy to get extra protection for your bike. You can get an instant quote to check the premium and buy your ideal bike insurance policy.